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In Jaffna you will get to explore a city rising from the ruins. Located at the Northern tip of the paradise island; Sri Lanka, beaten by a 30 year old war, Jaffna is still a beautiful city shaded by Palmyrah trees and surrounded by caramel beaches. The end of war in 2009 brought a new era of peace and prosperity to this once war torn town with newly built infrastructure and transport services. Jaffna is a city of heritage, culture and charm. Occupied predominantly by Sri Lankan Tamils, this vivacious city is promised to offer you a glimpse of authentic Sri Lankan Tamil culture, excursions to breathtaking islands and exploration of ancient sites with historical value.

Get to Jaffna

The best way to travel to Jaffna is by the fully air conditioned train operated by the Sri Lanka Railways. The luxury train ride will ensure that you get carried away with unperturbed views of green paddy & corn fields, Chena cultivations and plain sandy lands shaded by Palmyrah trees.

Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil

This magnificent ancient Hindu Kovil is one of the most sacred Hindu religious sites in Sri Lanka. The Kovil’s grand architecture dating back to early 1700s will make it hard for you to resist the urge to click your camera even though photography is prohibited inside the Kovil.

Kadurugoda Vihara

Moments will pass without your notice while you examine the miniature Stupas lying peacefully on the green lawns at Kadurugoda Viharaya. This beautiful ancient Buddhist site is believed to enshrine the remains of 60 Arahats who has died caught up in a famine in the area.

Jaffna Public Library

Sri Lanka’s second largest public library is the Intellectual hub for the citizens living in Jaffna. Bearing a history of 90 years, the Jaffna public library will make you lose between books and old manuscripts while the beautiful architecture will offer you plenty of photographic moments.

Dambakola Patuna

Witness the strikingly calm and beautiful sea at Dambakola Patuna which is the historical port where the Theri Sangamitta arrived with the most sacred Bo sapling which became the icon of Buddhism in Sri Lanka: the most revered Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. The tranquil Sangamitta Vihara at Dambakola Patuna adjacent to the smooth aquamarine sea will take you back in time to a peaceful history.

Jaffna Fort

Originally built by Portuguese in early 1600s, the ramparts of Jaffna Fort have witnessed moments of great victories and despair in Sri Lankan history. In addition to its architectural value, this site will offer you an insight to the realities of war, which has stricken the country for three decades.

Excursions - Delft Island

Take a one hour ferry ride to Delft island to witness the ruins of a colonial past, coral crafts and freely roaming wild ponies.

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Jaffna Market

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